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  1. Infertile Crescent (Ifc) Regulates Autophagy in Both Neuronal Development and Degeneration (探討Infertile crescent基因經由細胞自噬對神經發育及退化之調控機制)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST104-2311-B002-017-MY3 projects.ContactPICHIH-CHIANG CHAN (詹智強) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  2. Incorporation of Genomic and Immunological Studies for Biomarker Identification for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (肝細胞癌基因體與免疫相關生物標記探索的整合性研究)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST105-2314-B002-189-MY3 projects.ContactPIANN-LII CHENG (鄭安理) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  3. Long-Term Follow-Up of Chronic Hepatitis B Vi Rus Infection from Mother-To-Infant Transmission to Adult Life (慢性B型肝炎病毒感染由母嬰傳染至成人之長程追蹤研究)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST105-2314-B002-108-MY3 projects.ContactPIMEI-HWEI CHANG (張美惠) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  4. Using Inflammasome and Cytokine Responses after Ex-Vivo Stimulation with Mycobacterium Tuberculosis-Specific Antigens, as Well as Genetic Polymorphisms of Macrophage Receptors to Improve the Diagnostic Accuracy of Subsequent Development of Active Tub (利用巨噬細胞接受器之基因多型性與經由結核菌特異性抗原刺激過後之發炎體和細胞激素反應改善由潛伏結核感染個案中預測日後發生活動性結核病的準確性 )

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST105-2628-B002-047-MY3 projects.ContactPIJANN-YUAN WANG (王振源) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  5. Effect of a Resilience Model-Based Care Plan in Reducing Fear of Recurrence and Gi Symptom Distress and Improving Quality of Life in Newly Diagnosed Colorectal Cancer Patients (以復原力模式為基礎之照護計畫於初診斷結直腸癌病患降低擔心復發、腸胃道症狀困擾與改善生活品質之成效)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST106-2314-B002-012-MY3 projects.ContactPIYU-KANG TU (杜裕康) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  6. The Oncogenic Mechanism of Nrf2/Keap1 Pathway (Nrf2/keap1途徑致癌機制之研究 )

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST104-2320-B002-014-MY3 projects.ContactPIYUNG-MING JENG (鄭永銘) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  7. An Investigation into the Unresolved Methodological Issues in Network Meta-Analysis (探討網絡統合分析方法學的未解議題)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST106-2314-B002-098-MY3 projects.ContactPIYU-KANG TU (杜裕康) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  8. The Role of Macrophages in Renal Glomerulonephritis and Fibrosis (巨噬細胞於小鼠腎絲球炎與纖維化之角色)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST106-2314-B002-162-MY3 projects.ContactPIHUI-TENG CHENG (鄭暉騰) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  9. The Impact of High-Salt Intake on Kidney: Focus on the Role of Galectin-3 in Th17 Cell Activation (高鹽飲食對腎臟的影響:專注於半乳糖凝集素-3對於Th17細胞活化的影響)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST105-2314-B002-098-MY3 projects.ContactPIYUNG-MING CHEN (陳永銘) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  10. The Role of Gpr18 on Glucose Homeostasis and Its Molecular (G protein coupled receptor 18基因在血糖恆定的角色與分子機轉)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST105-2314-B002-104-MY3 projects.ContactPITIEN-JYUN CHANG (張恬君) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  11. The Role of Purine Metabolism in the Development of Diabetes Mellitus. (嘌呤代謝在糖尿病發生的角色)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST104-2314-B002-124-MY3 projects.ContactPIHUNG-YUAN LI (李弘元) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  12. Observing the Relationship of Fibroblast Growth Factor and Fibroblast in Thyroid Eye Disease (觀察甲狀腺眼病變病患的纖維母細胞生長因子與眼內纖維母細胞之相關性研究)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST106-2314-B002-144 projects.ContactPISHYANG-RONG SHIH (施翔蓉) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  13. Study the Epigenetic Modification in the Retina of Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats (研究表觀遺傳在糖尿病大鼠視網膜之表現)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST105-2314-B002-170-MY2 projects.ContactPICHUNG-MAY YANG (楊中美) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  14. A Translational Research of S14 Protein in the Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders (S14蛋白質在內分泌代謝疾病之轉譯研究)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST105-2314-B002-173-MY3 projects.ContactPIWEI-SHIUNG YANG (楊偉勛) projects.ProjectPeriod10608 ~ 10707 projects.FundingIC科技部
  15. Development and Pre-Clinical Evaluation of PET Radiotracer for Estrogen Receptors: A Pilot Study (.)

    projects.ProjectNumber NTUH. 106-S3356 projects.ContactPIYA-YAO HUANG (黃雅瑤) projects.ProjectPeriod10601 ~ 10612 projects.FundingICNational Taiwan University Hospital
  16. Molecular Mechanisms of Spleen Tyrosine Kinase in Regulating Nlrp3, Nlrc4 and Aim2 Inflammasome Activation: a Key Converging Molecule of Various Pathogen Infections to Mediate Inflammatory Il-1beta Production( III ) (探討病原感染之共同激活分子脾酪氨酸蛋白激脢Syk調節NLRP3、NLRC4 及AIM2發炎小體活化的分子作用機制( III ))

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST106-2321-B038-001 projects.ContactPIWAN-WAN LIN (林琬琬) projects.ProjectPeriod10601 ~ 10612 projects.FundingIC科技部
  17. Organization Plan of Committee Chairman in Department of Ministry of Science and Technology, Department of Life Sciences, Division of Hematology and Immunology (血液免疫醫學學門規劃研究推動計畫)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST106-2312-B002-001 projects.ContactPIYEE-CHUN CHEN (陳宜君) projects.ProjectPeriod10601 ~ 10612 projects.FundingIC科技部
  18. Iron Induces Epigenetic Regulation of a Histone Deacetylase 1 (Tvhdac1) in Protozoan Parasite, Trichomonas Vaginalis. (鐵誘發陰道滴蟲組織蛋白去乙醯?之表徵遺傳調控)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOST105-2320-B002-003-MY2 projects.ContactPIHONG-MING HSU (許弘明​) projects.ProjectPeriod10601 ~ 10607 projects.FundingIC科技部
  19. Center of Excellence for Cancer Research (2014 to 2017), National Taiwan University Hospital (第二期癌症研究計畫-臺大醫院建置癌症卓越研究體系計畫)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOHW106-TDU-B-211-144005 projects.ContactPIANN-LII CHENG (鄭安理) projects.ProjectPeriod10601 ~ 10612 projects.FundingIC衛生福利部
  20. HIV AIDS Study and Control Center (愛滋病防治整合型研究計畫─愛滋病防治中心)

    projects.ProjectNumber MOHW106-CDC-C-114-000107 projects.ContactPICHIEN-CHING HUNG (洪健清) projects.ProjectPeriod10601 ~ 10612 projects.FundingIC衛生福利部疾病管制署