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  1. Frequency and Significance of Intravascular Hemolysis Before and After Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation in Patients With Severe Aortic Stenosis American Journal of Cardiology 2018  |  journal-article vol.121,no.1,page.69-72 Ko, T.-Y. and Lin, M.-S. and Lin, L.-C. and Liu, Y.-J. and Yeh, C.-F. and Huang, C.-C. and Chen, Y.-H. and Chen, Y.-S. and Kao, H.-L. NTU: Tsung-Yu Ko
    Scopus: 0
    DOI: 10.1016/j.amjcard.2017.09.023 View in: HTML
  2. Functional characteristics of the flying squirrel's cecal microbiota under a leaf-based diet, based on multiple meta-omic profiling Frontiers in Microbiology 2018  |  journal-article vol.8,no.JAN Lu, H.-P. and Liu, P.-Y. and Wang, Y. and Hsieh, J.-F. and Ho, H.-C. and Huang, S.-W. and Lin, C.-Y. and Hsieh, C. and Yu, H.-T. NTU: CHIH-HAO HSIEH
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 4.076
    DOI: 10.3389/fmicb.2017.02622 View in: HTML
  3. Facile Construction of Metallo-supramolecular Poly(3-hexylthiophene)-block-Poly(ethylene oxide) Diblock Copolymers via Complementary Coordination and Their Self-Assembled Nanostructures Journal of the American Chemical Society 2017 -03  |  journal-article Yun-Jui He and Tsung-Han Tu and Ming-Kun Su and Chia-Wei Yang and Kien Voon Kong and Yi-Tsu Chan NTU: YI-TSU CHAN
    Scopus: 2 Web of Science: 3 Impact Factor: 13.858
    DOI: 10.1021/jacs.7b01010
  4. Factors affecting compliance with confirmatory colonoscopy after a positive fecal immunochemical test in a national colorectal screening program Cancer 2017  |  journal-article Cheng, S.-Y. and Li, M.-C. and Chia, S.-L. and Huang, K.-C. and Chiu, T.-Y. and Chan, D.-C. and Chiu, H.-M. NTU: SHAO-YI CHENG
    Scopus: 0
    DOI: 10.1002/cncr.31145 View in: HTML
  5. Factors associated with poor outcomes of continuous renal replacement therapy PLoS ONE 2017  |  journal-article vol.12,no.5 Kao, C.-C. and Yang, J.-Y. and Chen, L. and Chao, C.-T. and Peng, Y.-S. and Chiang, C.-K. and Huang, J.-W. and Hung, K.-Y. NTU: CHIH-KANG CHIANG
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 2.806
    DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0177759 View in: HTML
  6. Factors associated with reoperation in hypospadias surgery — A nationwide, population-based study Asian Journal of Surgery 2017  |  journal-article vol.40,no.2,page.116-122 Lu, Y.-C. and Huang, W.-Y. and Chen, Y.-F. and Chang, H.-C. and Pong, Y.-H. and Shih, T.-H. and Huang, K.-H. NTU: HONG-CHIANG CHANG
    Scopus: 1 Web of Science: 2 Impact Factor: 1.203
    DOI: 10.1016/j.asjsur.2015.07.010 View in: HTML
  7. Factors driving the use of warfarin and non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants in patients with atrial fibrillation Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 2017  |  journal-article vol.116,no.4,page.276-286 Hu, M.-M. and Wang, J. and Chien, K.-L. and Su, C.-L. and Lin, S.-Y. and Wu, F.-L.L. and Lin, Z.-F. NTU: ZHEN-FANG LINKUO-LIONG CHIENShin Yi Lin
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 1.969
    DOI: 10.1016/j.jfma.2016.05.007 View in: HTML
  8. Faculty of 1000 evaluation for Sex allocation promotes the stable co-occurrence of competitive species. F1000 - Post-publication peer review of the biomedical literature 2017 -04  |  data-set Chih-hao Hsieh and Takefumi Nakazawa NTU: CHIH-HAO HSIEH
    DOI: 10.3410/f.727374695.793530478
  9. Failure mechanism of hollow tree trunks due to cross-sectional flattening Royal Society Open Science 2017 -04  |  journal-article NTU: JIA-YANG JUANG
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 2.243
    DOI: 10.1098/rsos.160972
  10. Family history of early infant death correlates with earlier age at diagnosis but not shorter time to diagnosis for severe combined immunodeficiency Frontiers in Immunology 2017  |  journal-article vol.8,no.JUL Wai Luk, A.D. and Lee, P.P. and Mao, H. and Chan, K.-W. and Chen, X.Y. and Chen, T.-X. and He, J.X. and Kechout, N. and Suri, D. and Tao, Y.B. and Xu, Y.B. and Jiang, L.P. and Liew, W.K. and Jirapongsananuruk, O. and Daengsuwan, T. and Gupta, A. and Singh, S. and Rawat, A. and Latiff, A.H.A. and Lee, A.C.W. and Shek, L.P. and Nguyen, T.V.A. and Chin, T.J. and Chien, Y.H. and Latiff, Z.A. and Le, T.M.H. and Le, N.N.Q. and Lee, B.W. and Li, Q. and Raj, D. and Barbouche, M.-R. and Thong, M.-K. and Ang, M.C.D. and Wang, X.C. and Xu, C.G. and Yu, H.G. and Yu, H.-H. and Lee, T.L. and Yau, F.Y.S. and Wong, W.H. and Tu, W. and Yang, W. and Chong, P.C.Y. and Ho, M.H.K. and Lau, Y.L. NTU: YIN-HSIU CHIEN
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 6.429
    DOI: 10.3389/fimmu.2017.00808 View in: HTML
  11. Family-centered Care Improved Neonatal Medical and Neurobehavioral Outcomes in Preterm Infants: Randomized Controlled Trial Physical therapy 2017  |  journal-article vol.97,no.12,page.1158-1168 Yu, Y.-T. and Hsieh, W.-S. and Hsu, C.-H. and Lin, Y.-J. and Lin, C.-H. and Hsieh, S. and Lu, L. and Cherng, R.-J. and Chang, Y.-J. and Fan, P.-C. and Yao, N.-J. and Chen, W.J. and Jeng, S.-F. NTU: WEI J. CHEN
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 2.764
    DOI: 10.1093/ptj/pzx089 View in: HTML
  12. Far infrared radiation promotes rabbit renal proximal tubule cell proliferation and functional characteristics, and protects against cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity PLoS ONE 2017  |  journal-article vol.12,no.7 Chiang, I.-N. and Pu, Y.-S. and Huang, C.-Y. and Young, T.-H. NTU: YEONG-SHIAU PUCHAO-YUAN HUANG
    Scopus: 0
    DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0180872 View in: HTML
  13. Fe2O3/Al2O3 microboxes for efficient removal of heavy metal ions New J. Chem. 2017  |  journal-article Rini Ravindranath and Prathik Roy and Arun Prakash Periasamy and Yu-Wen Chen and Chi-Te Liang and Huan-Tsung Chang NTU: HUAN-TSUNG CHANG
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 3.269
    DOI: 10.1039/C7NJ00431A
  14. Fear of falling and mortality among community-dwelling older adults in the Shih-Pai study in Taiwan: A longitudinal follow-up study Geriatrics and Gerontology International 2017  |  journal-article Chang, H.-T. and Chen, H.-C. and Chou, P. NTU: HSI-CHUNG CHEN
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 2.351
    DOI: 10.1111/ggi.12968 View in: HTML
  15. Fibrosis-4 Index Helps Identify HBV Carriers with the Lowest Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma American Journal of Gastroenterology 2017  |  journal-article vol.112,no.10,page.1564-1574 Tseng, T.-C. and Liu, C.-J. and Su, T.-H. and Yang, W.-T. and Chen, C.-L. and Yang, H.-C. and Wang, C.-C. and Kuo, S.F.-T. and Liu, C.-H. and Chen, P.-J. and Chen, D.-S. and Kao, J.-H. NTU: TUNG-HUNG SU
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 9.566
    DOI: 10.1038/ajg.2017.254 View in: HTML
  16. Fifteen new risk loci for coronary artery disease highlight arterial-wall-specific mechanisms Nature Genetics 2017  |  journal-article vol.49,no.7,page.1113-1119 Howson, J.M.M. and Zhao, W. and Barnes, D.R. and Ho, W.-K. and Young, R. and Paul, D.S. and Waite, L.L. and Freitag, D.F. and Fauman, E.B. and Salfati, E.L. and Sun, B.B. and Eicher, J.D. and Johnson, A.D. and Sheu, W.H.H. and Nielsen, S.F. and Lin, W.-Y. and Surendran, P. and Malarstig, A. and Wilk, J.B. and Tybj?rg-Hansen, A. and Rasmussen, K.L. and Kamstrup, P.R. and Deloukas, P. and Erdmann, J. and Kathiresan, S. and Samani, N.J. and Schunkert, H. and Watkins, H. and Do, R. and Rader, D.J. and Johnson, J.A. and Hazen, S.L. and Quyyumi, A.A. and Spertus, J.A. and Pepine, C.J. and Franceschini, N. and Justice, A. and Reiner, A.P. and Buyske, S. and Hindorff, L.A. and Carty, C.L. and North, K.E. and Kooperberg, C. and Boerwinkle, E. and Young, K. and Graff, M. and Peters, U. and Absher, D. and Hsiung, C.A. and Lee, W.-J. and Taylor, K.D. and Chen, Y.-H. and Lee, I.-T. and Guo, X. and Chung, R.-H. and Hung, Y.-J. and Rotter, J.I. and Juang, J.-M.J. and Quertermous, T. and Wang, T.-D. and Rasheed, A. and Frossard, P. and Alam, D.S. and Majumder, A.A.S. and Di Angelantonio, E. and Chowdhury, R. and Chen, Y.-D.I. and Nordestgaard, B?.G. and Assimes, T.L. and Danesh, J. and Butterworth, A.S. and Saleheen, D. NTU: JYH-MING Jimmy JUANGTZUNG-DAU WANG
    Scopus: 6 Web of Science: 4 Impact Factor: 27.959
    DOI: 10.1038/ng.3874 View in: HTML
  17. Filling the gaps in ecological studies of socioecological systems Ecological Research 2017 -11  |  journal-article vol.32,no.6,page.873--885 I-Ching Chen and Chih-hao Hsieh and Michio Kondoh and Hsing-Juh Lin and Takeshi Miki and Masahiro Nakamura and Takayuki Ohgushi and Jotaro Urabe and Takehito Yoshida NTU: CHIH-HAO HSIEHTAKESHI MIKI
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 1 Impact Factor: 1.283
    DOI: 10.1007/s11284-017-1521-9
  18. Filter quality of electret masks in filtering 14.6–594 nm aerosol particles: Effects of five decontamination methods PLOS ONE 2017 -10  |  journal-article vol.12,no.10,page.e0186217 Tzu-Hsien Lin and Chih-Chieh Chen and Sheng-Hsiu Huang and Chung-Wen Kuo and Chane-Yu Lai and Wen-Yinn Lin NTU: SHENG-HSIU HUANG
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 2.806
    DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0186217 View in: HTML
  19. First case genotype 4 hepatitis e infection after a liver transplant Experimental and Clinical Transplantation 2017  |  journal-article vol.15,no.2,page.228-230 Wu, C.-H. and Ho, C.-M. and Tsai, J.-H. and Sun, H.-Y. and Hu, R.-H. and Lee, P.-H. NTU: REY-HENG HU
    Scopus: 1 Web of Science: 1 Impact Factor: 0.535
    DOI: 10.6002/ect.2015.0031 View in: HTML
  20. First record of the host plant and larvae of Pachyrhynchus sonani (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on Lanyu Island, Taiwan Entomological Science 2017 -01  |  journal-article vol.20,no.1,page.288--291 Chen-Fu Hsu and Hui-Yun Tseng and Yun Hsiao and Chiun-Cheng Ko NTU: CHIUN-CHENG KO
    Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 1.262
    DOI: 10.1111/ens.12262 View in: HTML