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  1. R&D investment and patent renewal decisions The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance 2018 -03  |  journal-article Jyh-Bang Jou NTU: JYH-BANG JOU
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    DOI: 10.1016/j.qref.2017.12.005
  2. Real-world effectiveness and safety of paritaprevir/ritonavir, ombitasvir, and dasabuvir with or without ribavirin for patients with chronic hepatitis C virus genotype 1b infection in Taiwan Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (Australia) 2018  |  journal-article vol.33,no.3,page.710-717 Liu, C.-H. and Liu, C.-J. and Su, T.-H. and Yang, H.-C. and Hong, C.-M. and Tseng, T.-C. and Chen, P.-J. and Chen, D.-S. and Kao, J.-H. NTU: CHUN-JEN LIUCHUN-MING HONGDING-SHINN CHEN
    Scopus: 2 Web of Science: 1 Impact Factor: 3.483
    DOI: 10.1111/jgh.13912 View in: HTML
  3. Receipt of Vasopressors Is Positively Associated With the Length of the Actively Dying Process in Hospitalization American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine 2018  |  journal-article Chou, H.-C. and Huang, H.-L. and Chen, C.-Y. and Wang, C.-L. and Shu, C.-C. and Hsu, N.-C. and Lin, Y.-F. and Chen, J.-S. and Sheng, W.-H. NTU: JIN-SHING CHENYU-FENG LINNIN-CHIEH HSUCHIN-CHUNG SHU
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    DOI: 10.1177/1049909117754040 View in: HTML
  4. Recruiting an acute coronary team to perform emergent mechanical thrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke patients: A successful case and team model in a local hospital Acta Cardiologica Sinica 2018  |  journal-article vol.34,no.1,page.99-103 Meng, S.-W. and Kuo, R.-C. and Yang, H.-J. and Lai, C.-L. and Wu, C.-C. and Hsieh, M.-Y. NTU: CHIH-CHENG WU
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 0.927
    DOI: 10.6515/ACS.201801_34(1).20170730A View in: HTML
  5. Reducing the time needed to administer a sustained attention test in patients with stroke PLOS ONE 2018 -03  |  journal-article NTU: CHING-LIN HSIEH
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 2.766
    DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0192922 View in: HTML
  6. Regularity of stationary solutions to the linearized Boltzmann equations SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis 2018  |  journal-article vol.50,no.1,page.138-161 Chen, I.-K. NTU: I-KUN CHEN
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 1.528
    DOI: 10.1137/16M1099844 View in: HTML
  7. Relationship between earthquake b-values and crustal stresses in a young orogenic belt Geophysical Research Letters 2018 -02  |  journal-article NTU: YIH-MIN WU
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 4.339
    DOI: 10.1002/2017GL076694 View in: HTML
  8. Relationship between muscle strength and fall episodes among the elderly: the Yilan study, Taiwan BMC Geriatr 2018  |  journal-article vol.18,no.1,page.90 Yang, N. P. and Hsu, N. W. and Lin, C. H. and Chen, H. C. and Tsao, H. M. and Lo, S. S. and Chou, P. NTU: HSI-CHUNG CHEN
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 2.866
    DOI: 10.1186/s12877-018-0779-2 View in: HTML
  9. Remarkably High Hole Mobility Metal-Oxide Thin-Film Transistors Scientific Reports 2018  |  journal-article vol.8,no.1 Shih, C.W. and Chin, A. and Lu, C.F. and Su, W.F. NTU: WEI-FANG SU
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 1 Impact Factor: 4.122
    DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-17066-x View in: HTML
  10. Renal function is associated with 1-month and 1-year mortality in patients with ischemic stroke Atherosclerosis 2018  |  journal-article vol.269,page.288-293 Wang, I.-K. and Liu, C.-H. and Yen, T.-H. and Jeng, J.-S. and Sung, S.-F. and Huang, P.-H. and Li, J.-Y. and Sun, Y. and Wei, C.-Y. and Lien, L.-M. and Tsai, I.-J. and Sung, F.-C. and Hsu, C.Y. and Liu, C.-H. and Tsai, C.-H. and Huang, W.-S. and Lu, C.-T. and Tsai, T.-C. and Tseng, C.-H. and Lin, K.-H. and Shyu, W.-C. and Yang, Y.-W. and Liu, Y.-L. and Cho, D.-Y. and Chen, C.-C. and Jeng, J.-S. and Tang, S.-C. and Tsai, L.-K. and Yeh, S.-J. and Chen, C.-H. and Tsai, H.-H. and Li, J.-Y. and Chen, H.-J. and Lu, K. and Hsu, S.-P. and Kuo, H.-C. and Tsou, J.-C. and Wang, Y.-T. and Tai, Y.-C. and Hsieh, M.-T. and Liliang, P.-C. and Liang, C.-L. and Wang, H.-K. and Tsai, Y.-T. and Wang, K.-W. and Chen, J.-S. and Chen, P.-Y. and Wang, Y.-C. and Chen, C.-H. and Sung, P.-S. and Hsieh, H.-C. and Su, H.-C. and Chiu, H.-C. and Lien, L.-M. and Chen, W.-H. and Bai, C.-H. and Huang, T.-H. and Lau, C.-I. and Wu, Y.-Y. and Yeh, H.-L. and Chang, A. and Lin, C.-H. and Yen, C.-C. and Lin, R.-T. and Chen, C.-H. and Khor, G.-T. and Chao, A.-C. and Lin, H.-F. and Huang, P. and Lin, H.-J. and Ke, D.-S. and Chang, C.-Y. and Yeh, P.-S. and Lin, K.-C. and Cheng, T.-J. and Chou, C.-H. and Yang, C.-M. and Shen, H.-C. and Chen, A.-C. and Tsai, S.-J. and Lu, T.-M. and Kung, S.-L. and Lee, M.-J. and Chou, H.-H. and Chang, W.-L. and Chiu, P.-Y. and Hsu, M.-H. and Chan, P.-C. and Pan, C.-H. and Shoung, H.-M. and Lo, Y.-C. and Wang, F.-H. and Chang, W.-C. and Lai, T.-C. and Yin, J.-H. and Wang, C.-J. and Wang, K.-C. and Chen, L.-M. and Denq, J.-C. and Sun, Y. and Lu, C.-J. and Lin, C.-H. and Huang, C.-C. and Liu, C.-H. and Chan, H.-F. and Lee, S.-P. and Sun, M.-H. and Ke, L.-Y. and Chen, P.-L. and Lee, Y.-S. and Sung, S.-F. and Ong, C.-T. and Wu, C.-S. and Hsu, Y.-C. and Su, Y.-H. and Hung, L.-C. and Lee, J.-T. and Lin, J.-C. and Hsu, Y.-D. and Denq, J.-C. and Peng, G.-S. and Hsu, C.-H. and Lin, C.-C. and Yen, C.-H. and Cheng, C.-A. and Sung, Y.-F. and Chen, Y.-L. and Lien, M.-T. and Chou, C.-H. and Liu, C.-C. and Yang, F.-C. and Wu, Y.-C. and Tso, A.-C. and Lai, Y.-H. and Chiang, C.-I. and Tsai, C.-K. and Liu, M.-T. and Lin, Y.-C. and Hsu, Y.-C. and Chiang, T.-R. and Huang, P.-H. and Liao, P.-W. and Lee, M.-C. and Chen, J.-T. and Lie, S.-K. and Sun, M.-C. and Hsiao, P.-J. and Chen, W.-L. and Chen, T.-C. and Chang, C.-S. and Lai, C.-H. and Chuang, C.-S. and Chen, Y.-Y. and Lin, S.-K. and Su, Y.-C. and Shiao, J.-L. and Yang, F.-Y. and Liu, C.-Y. and Chiang, H.-L. and Chen, G.-C. and Hsu, P.-J. and Chang, C.-Y. and Lin, I.-S. and Chien, C.-H. and Chang, Y.-C. and Chen, P.-K. and Chiu, P.-Y. and Hsiao, Y.-J. and Fang, C.-W. and Chen, Y.-W. and Lee, K.-Y. and Lin, Y.-Y. and Li, C.-H. and Tsai, H.-F. and Hsieh, C.-F. and Yang, C.-D. and Liaw, S.-J. and Liao, H.-C. and Yeh, S.-J. and Wu, L.-L. and Hsieh, L.-P. and Lee, Y.-H. and Chen, C.-W. and Hsu, C.-S. and Jhih, Y.-J. and Zhuang, H.-Y. and Pan, Y.-H. and Shih, S.-A. and Chen, C.-I. and Sung, J.-Y. and Weng, H.-Y. and Teng, H.-W. and Lee, J.-E. and Huang, C.-S. and Chao, S.-P. and Yuan, R.-Y. and Sheu, J.-J. and Yu, J.-M. and Ho, C.-S. and Lin, T.-C. and Yu, S.-C. and Chen, J.-R. and Tsai, S.-Y. and Wei, C.-Y. and Hung, C.-H. and Lee, C.F. and Yang, S.-K. and Chen, C.-L. and Lin, W. and Tseng, H.-P. and Liu, C.-H. and Lin, C.-L. and Lin, H.-C. and Chen, P.-T. and Hu, C.-J. and Chan, L. and Chi, N.-F. and Chern, C.-M. and Lin, C.-J. and Wang, S.-J. and Hsu, L.-C. and Wong, W.-J. and Lee, I.-H. and Yen, D.-J. and Tsai, C.-P. and Kwan, S.-Y. and Soong, B.-W. and Chen, S.-P. and Liao, K.-K. and Lin, K.-P. and Chen, C. and Shan, D.-E. and Fuh, J.-L. and Wang, P.-N. and Lee, Y.-C. and Yu, Y.-H. and Huang, H.-C. and Tsai, J.-Y. and Wu, M.-H. and Chiang, S.-Y. and Wang, C.-Y. and Hsu, M.-C. and Chen, C.-C. and Yeh, P.-Y. and Tsai, Y.-T. and Wang, K.-Y. and Chen, T.-S. and Hsieh, C.-Y. and Chen, W.-F. and Yip, P.-K. and Wang, V. and Wang, K.-C. and Tsai, C.-F. and Chen, C.-C. and Chen, C.-H. and Liu, Y.-C. and Chen, S.-Y. and Zhao, Z.-H. and Wei, Z.-P. and Wu, S.-L. and Liu, C.-K. and Lin, R.-H. and Chu, C.-H. and Yan, S.-H. and Lin, Y.-C. and Chen, P.-Y. and Hsiao, S.-H. and Yip, B.-S. and Tsai, P.-C. and Chou, P.-C. and Kuo, T.-M. and Lee, Y.-C. and Chiu, Y.-P. and Tsai, K.-C. and Liao, Y.-S. and Tsai, M.-J. and Kao, H.-Y. NTU: JIANN-SHING JENG
    Scopus: 1 Web of Science: 1 Impact Factor: 4.467
    DOI: 10.1016/j.atherosclerosis.2017.11.029 View in: HTML
  11. Reply to 'the St Gallen international expert consensus on the primary therapy of early breast cancer 2017: Te point of view of an international panel of experts in radiation oncology' by Kirova et al. Annals of Oncology 2018  |  journal-article vol.29,no.1,page.281-282 Dubsky, P. and Curigliano, G. and Burstein, H.J. and Winer, E.P. and Gnant, M. and Loibl, S. and Colleoni, M. and Regan, M.M. and Piccart-Gebhart, M. and Senn, H.-J. and Thrlimann, B. and Andr\'e NTU: CHIUN-SHENG HUANG
    Scopus: 1 Web of Science: 1 Impact Factor: 13.926
    DOI: 10.1093/annonc/mdx543 View in: HTML
  12. Reputation versus information: The delegation policy when the principal has reputational concerns Journal of Public Economic Theory 2018  |  journal-article vol.20,no.3,page.367-389 Tamada, Y. and Tsai, T.-S. NTU: TSUNG-SHENG TSAI
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 1.022
    DOI: 10.1111/jpet.12289 View in: HTML
  13. Resolved measurements of 13 CDH 3 and 12 CD 2 H 2 from a mud volcano in Taiwan Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 2018 -03  |  journal-article D. Rumble and J.L. Ash and Pei-Ling Wang and Li-Hung Lin and Yueh-Ting Lin and Tzu-Hsuan Tu NTU: PEI-LING WANG
    Scopus: 0
    DOI: 10.1016/j.jseaes.2018.03.007
  14. Response assessment of stereotactic body radiation therapy using dynamic contrast-enhanced integrated MR-PET in non-small cell lung cancer patients Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2018  |  journal-article vol.47,no.1,page.191-199 Huang, Y.-S. and Chen, J.L.-Y. and Hsu, F.-M. and Huang, J.-Y. and Ko, W.-C. and Chen, Y.-C. and Jaw, F.-S. and Yen, R.-F. and Chang, Y.-C. NTU: RUOH-FANG YEN
    Scopus: 1 Web of Science: 1 Impact Factor: 3.612
    DOI: 10.1002/jmri.25758 View in: HTML
  15. Response of a Circular Tunnel Through Rock to a Harmonic Rayleigh Wave Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 2018  |  journal-article vol.51,no.2,page.547-559 Kung, C.-L. and Wang, T.-T. and Chen, C.-H. and Huang, T.-H. NTU: TAI-TIEN WANG
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 2.819
    DOI: 10.1007/s00603-017-1342-8 View in: HTML
  16. Response of a local hospital to a burn disaster: Contributory factors leading to zero mortality outcomes Burns 2018  |  journal-article vol.44,no.5,page.1083-1090 Yeong, E.-K. and O'Boyle, C.P. and Huang, H.-F. and Tai, H.-C. and Hsu, Y.-C. and Chuang, S.-Y. and Wu, Y.-F. and Chang, C.-W. and Liu, T.J. and Lai, H.-S. NTU: HAO-CHIH TAI
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 2.134
    DOI: 10.1016/j.burns.2018.03.019 View in: HTML
  17. Responsiveness and predictive validity of the computerized digit vigilance test in patients with stroke Disability and Rehabilitation 2018  |  journal-article page.1-5 Huang, S.-L. and Chen, T.-T. and Lin, G.-H. and Wu, C.-T. and Hsueh, I.-P. and Hsieh, C.-L. NTU: I-PING HSUEHCHIEN-TE WUSHEAU-LING HUANGCHING-LIN HSIEH
    Scopus: 0
    DOI: 10.1080/09638288.2018.1474953 View in: HTML
  18. Responsiveness of the Personal and Social Performance scale in patients with schizophrenia Psychiatry Research 2018  |  journal-article vol.260,page.338-342 Chiu, E.-C. and Hung, T.-M. and Huang, C.-M. and Lee, S.-C. and Hsieh, C.-L. NTU: CHING-LIN HSIEH
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 2.223
    DOI: 10.1016/j.psychres.2017.11.053 View in: HTML
  19. Restoring religion through collective memory: How Chinese Pentecostals engage in mnemonic practices after the Cultural Revolution Social Compass 2018  |  journal-article vol.65,no.1,page.79-96 Huang, Ke-hsien NTU: KE-HSIEN HUANG
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 0.844
    DOI: 10.1177/0037768617747506 View in: HTML
  20. Review article: the prevention of hepatitis B-related hepatocellular carcinoma Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2018 -07  |  journal-article C.-L. Lin and J.-H. Kao NTU: JIA-HORNG KAO
    Scopus: 0 Web of Science: 0 Impact Factor: 7.357
    DOI: 10.1111/apt.14683 View in: HTML