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  1. CHIH-WEI CHANG (張之威)

    Center for Condensed Matter Sciences (凝態科學研究中心)-Associate Research Fellow (副研究員)
  2. LI HSUAN CHANG (張俐璇)

    Taiwan Literature (臺灣文學研究所)-Assistant Professor (助理教授)
  3. Chen Chang (張晨)

    General Education Section (共同教育組)-Instructor (講師)
  4. WEI-TIEN CHANG (張維典)

    Emergency Medicine (急診醫學科/部)-Clinical Associate Professor (臨床副教授) Emergency Medicine (急診醫學科/部)-Attending Physician (主治醫師) Cardiovascular Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, Resuscitation Medicine
  5. YUNG-CHIY CHANG (張永祺)

    Microbiology (微生物學科所)-Assistant Professor (助理教授) Microbiology
  6. WEN-YUAN CHANG (張雯媛)

    Foreign Languages and Literatures (外國語文學系)-Instructor (講師)

    Center for Weather Climate and Disaster Research (氣候天氣災害研究中心)-Project Assistant Research Fellow (專案計畫助理研究員)
  8. MEN-CHI CHANG (張孟基)

    Agronomy (農藝學系)-Associate Professor (副教授)
  9. CHUN-TI CHANG (張鈞棣)

    Mechanical Engineering (機械工程學系)-Assistant Professor (助理教授) 熱流組
  10. WEN-CHEN CHANG (張文貞)

    Law (法律學系)-Professor (教授) Climate Change and Sustainable Development (氣候變遷與永續發展國際學位學程)-Professor (教授) 公法
  11. SHU-HUI CHANG (張淑惠)

    Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine (流行病學與預防醫學研究所)-Professor (教授) Public Health (公衛學系)-Professor (教授) 生物統計學
  12. LIH-YU CHANG (張立禹)

    Internal Medicine-NTUHHC (內科部-新竹分院)-Attending Physician (主治醫師)
  13. CHIA-FENG CHANG (張嘉鳳)

    History (歷史學系)-Professor (教授)
  14. HUI-CHUAN CHANG (張惠娟)

    Foreign Languages and Literatures (外國語文學系)-Professor (教授)
  15. CHE-CHEN CHANG (張哲政)

    Chemistry (化學系)-Professor (教授) 奈米材料表面化學分析
  16. PI-HUI SUZI CHANG (張必輝)

    Agricultural Chemistry (農業化學系)-Project Assistant Professor (專案助理教授) 植物生理與化學
  17. HUAN-TSUNG CHANG (張煥宗)

    Chemistry (化學系)-Professor (教授) 分析化學、奈米科技與綠色化學
  18. SHENGLIN CHANG (張聖琳)

    Building and Planning (建築與城鄉研究所)-Professor (教授) Climate Change and Sustainable Development (氣候變遷與永續發展國際學位學程)-Professor (教授)
  19. JENG-SHIAN CHANG (張正憲)

    Applied Mechanics (應用力學研究所)-Professor (教授)
  20. WEN-LIAN CHANG (張文亮)

    Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering (生物環境系統工程學系)-Professor (教授)