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  1. CHIA-MING CHANG (張家銘)

    Civil Engineering (土木工程學系)-Assistant Professor (助理教授) 結構組

    Biomedical Engineering (醫學工程研究所)-Associate Professor (副教授) Biomedical Engineering
  3. LING CHAO (趙玲)

    Chemical Engineering (化學工程學系)-Assistant Professor (助理教授)
  4. TIEN-YI CHAO (趙恬儀)

    Foreign Languages and Literatures (外國語文學系)-Professor (教授)
  5. CHENG-HAN CHAO (趙政漢)

    Internal Medicine-NTUHHC (內科部-新竹分院)-Attending Physician (主治醫師)
  6. ANNE CHAO (趙安怡)

    Anesthesiology (麻醉科/部)-Adjunct Instructor (兼任講師) Anesthesiology (麻醉科/部)-Attending Physician (主治醫師) Anesthesiology
  7. FEI-PENG CHAO (趙飛鵬)

    Chinese Literature (中國文學系)-Professor (教授)
  8. HSIAO-HAN CHAO (趙曉涵)

    Athletics (體育室)-Instructor (講師)
  9. CHIA-LUN CHAO (趙嘉倫)

    Internal Medicine (內科/部)-Adjunct Associate Professor (兼任副教授) 心臟血管科
  10. Shiau-Fang Chao (趙曉芳)

    Social Work (社會工作學系)-Associate Professor (副教授)
  11. KUN-MA0 CHAO (趙坤茂)

    Computer Science and Information Engineering (資訊工程學系)-Professor (教授) Biomedical Electronies and Bioinformatics (生醫電子與資訊學研究所)-Professor (教授) Networking and Multimedia (資訊網路與多媒體研究所)-Joint Professor (合聘教授)
  12. SHENG-DER CHAO (趙聖德)

    Applied Mechanics (應用力學研究所)-Professor (教授)
  13. CHI-CHAO CHAO (趙啟超)

    Neurology (神經科/部)-Clinical Assistant Professor (臨床助理教授) Clinical Neurophysiology、Peripheral Neuropathy
  14. CHIH-YU CHAO (趙治宇)

    Applied Physics (應用物理學研究所)-Professor (教授) Physics (物理學系)-Professor (教授)
  15. CHIA-TER CHAO (趙家德)

    Internal Medicine (內科/部)-Clinical Instructor (臨床講師) Internal Medicine (內科/部)-Adjunct Visiting Staff (兼任主治醫師)
  16. CHI-YANG CHAO (趙基揚)

    Materials Science and Engineering (材料科學與工程學系)-Professor (教授) 高分子及軟質材料組
  17. KUANG-HAN CHAO (趙光漢)

    Obstetrics and Gynecology (婦產科/部)-Clinical Assistant Professor (臨床助理教授) 不孕症; 生殖免疫學
  18. YUAN-HUNG CHAO (趙遠宏)

    Physical Therapy (物理治療學系所)-Assistant Professor (助理教授)

    Agronomy (農藝學系)-Professor (教授)
  20. SHIU-WU CHAU (趙修武)

    Engineering Science and Ocean Engineering (工程科學及海洋工程學系)-Professor (教授)