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College of Public Health

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A、Mission:To improve the health of populations worldwide by devoting to education, research and service.

B、Core Value:C.I.T.E.
C 、Goals
(A)Goals for Education:
1.To expand NTUCPH educational program to meet the comprehensive need of global society.
2.To enhance the enrollment of a well-qualified and diverse undergraduate student body.
3.To promote public health education university-wide.
4.To enhance the diversity of graduate students.
(B)Goals for Research:
1.To create an environment that foster faculty’s interaction and cross-disciplinary collaboration.
2.To promote preventive or interventional research that can lead to change of policy or practice.
3.To establish a comprehensive partnership with public health systems and targeted community to design and conduct relevant, collaborative research.
4.To increase international collaboration in global health issues.
(C)Goals for Service and Practice:
1.To strengthen the community engagement.
2.To enhance the social impact of public health research.
3.To partner with both government and non-government sectors to benefit mutually.
(D)Goals for Fiscal Resources:
1.To increase the proportion of non-government budget.
2.To expand space for the development of NTUCPH.




The first CEPH-accredited public health college in Asia
The College of Public Health (CPH) of National Taiwan University (NTU) is the first and only one public health school being accredited by CEPH (Council on Education for Public Health) in Asia. In coming years when you are studying at this CEPH accredited CPH, we will provide you an educational opportunity to have the same competence comparable to students at top public health schools of ASPPH (Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health) in the US. We will work with you to fulfill one important mission statement of our college, i.e. “to serve populations worldwide”, through lectures, seminars, research interns, community involvements, and policy advocacy. You will have core competence to meet this challenge in that public health issues you will deal with will go beyond Taiwan.

We will use the global health network that CPH has established in recent years as a full organizational member, including M8 Alliance (Medicine 8), CUGH (Consortium of Universities for Global Health), and ASPPH, Global Health Workshop of APRU (Association of Pacific Rim Universities), APACPH (Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health), and a global health practicum with LIN (Luke International) in Malawi to expand NTU’s global health education and research outreach programs. You will meet a diverse body of students of all degrees (BS, MS, MPH, PhD) with different disciplines and nationalities, who share our common values with you in this lively campus. In specific, you will have opportunity to participate in Double-Degree (MS with Kyoto University) and Triple-Degree (MS with Universities of Tsukuba and Bandeaux), programs.

We will let you immerse in important public health agenda in coming years, which are about community-based practice, global health, planetary health and sustainable development goals (SDGs). We will stress on ethical consideration and social responsibility in public health that you have to face in your public health careers in a globalized and aged world. With the joint efforts of our faculty, we will educate you to become smart leaders in global health and have a promising public health careers after graduation.