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The Department of Physics, established in 1946, is the oldest leading institution in Taiwan active in physics teaching and research. There are 45 full-time faculty members, 5 Distinguished Chair Professor for Research, 13 Joint-Appointment faculty members, 10 adjunct faculty members and 5 meritus professors in the department. Moreover, through the international academic exchange program, there are visiting professors, visiting research fellows, and postdoctoral fellows from the United States, Japan, Czech Republic, South Korea, India, Indonesia and Mainland China, etc.

Our research program covers all the major branches of modern physics and is particularly keen on developing new research fields. The main area of research includes particle physics, field theory, high energy physics, medium energy and nuclear physics, atomic physics, astrophysics, condensed matter physics (metal, magnetism, surface, semiconductor, low temperature and superconductivity, low dimensional quantum systems), chemical physics, laser physics, optics (spectroscopy, nonlinear), statistical mechanics, and biophysics.

Faculty members of the department also participate in the Ministry of Education’s Program for Promotion of Academic Excellence of Universities and other National Projects within Taiwan. In addition, faculty members also actively participate in international academic activities. With continuing research and educational activities, the Department strives to build a first-rate program both in the Taiwanese and the international physics community.