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Mechanical Engineering

Established in 1943, the Department of Mechanical Engineering has a long history and has nourished numerous outstanding mechanical engineers and researchers for the nation. Since 2004, the education objective of the department has been to: "To train leaders with a keen sense of technology trends and foresight in mechanical engineering industries." This objective has guided the department in nurturing the future leaders needed in Taiwan’s high-tech and traditional industries. Aiming to be the top educational and research environment in the world, the department has received engineering accreditation since 2005. 

On the educational aspect, the department works hard to improve education within the five conventional mechanical engineering domains, including solid mechanics, design, manufacturing, fluidics/heat transfer, and system control. As to answer the rapid evolving demands, the department has continuously emphasized new developments in multi-disciplinary studies such as renewable clean energy, precision machining, biomedical microdevices, and intelligent robotics. On the research aspect, the department is strong in the areas of micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), next-generation engines and combustion, nano-technologies, molecular dynamics, structural integrity and reliability analysis, fluid dynamics, and manufacturing technologies. More recent efforts have also promoted research into precision nano-manufacturing, clean energy, and robotics technology.
The department publishes approximately 200 journal papers cited by the Science Citation Index and applies for about 20 patents.  There are 4 Distinguished Researchers holding special appointments (24 times in total) with the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), 13 professors with MOST Outstanding Research Awards (26 times in total), 4 professors with MOST Da-Yu Wu Memorial Award, 3 Tung-Yuan Technology Award recipients, 4 Distinguished Engineering Professors from the Chinese Institute of Engineering, 5 Distinguished Engineering Professors from the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering, 1 recipient of Automation medal from the Chinese Institute of Automation Engineers and 13 holders of Distinguished professorship of National Taiwan University. In addition, the department is ranked the 34th on the QS World University Rankings (2014) by the subject of mechanical engineering.