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  • Metabolism / Endorinolgy (代謝內分泌科)
  • Internal Medicine (內科/部)
  • Clinical Associate Professor (臨床副教授)
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Research Outline      2014-09-30 03:48:46

Dr. Hung-Yuan Li is currently attending physician of the Department of Internal Medicine, National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan, and associate professor of Department of Internal Medicine,School of Medicine, National Taiwan University, Taiwan. He received his medical degree from Medical College,National Taiwan University, Taiwan, and had his resident training for internal medicine and fellowship in endocrinology and metabolism in National Taiwan University Hospital, Taiwan. He received Master and Ph.D. degree in Graduate Institute of Clinical Medicine, Medical College, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.

Since March, 2007, Dr. Li has been deputy secretary-general in Diabetes Association of R.O.C. He participates in various activities held by the Diabetes Association of R.O.C., including drafting of the Taiwan Declaration on Diabetes, lighting buildings in blue for world diabetes day blue monument challenge held by the International Diabetes Federation, production of a song for diabetes, "a better way", and calling for articles for people with diabetes. He also helps the writing and editing of several clinical guidelines and chapters in books published by Diabetes Association of R.O.C and National Taiwan University Hospital.

In research, Dr. Li is interested in epidemiology of diabetes and the application of biomarkers. He developed a Taiwan Diabetes Risk Score to find undiagnosed people with diabetes, and proposed an algorithm to screen people with diabetes. These findings have been cited in the guidelines of Diabetes Association of R.O.C. Dr. Li has published several papers about the role of vascular adhesion protein-1 in diabetes and its complications, and received Professor Fang-Wu Chen Outstanding Research Award, Diabetes Association of R.O.C. and Endocrine society of R.O.C. in 2011. Besides, Dr. Li has found several risk factors for obesity and diabetes in children and adolescents, and has proposed a screening strategy based on the findings. Dr. Li has published 58 papers, including some papers in high-impact journals such as Diabetes, Diabetes Care, Obesity, Clinical Endocrinology, Diabetic Medicine, and Pediatric Diabetes.