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Research Outline      2014-03-26 11:16:02

Our major research interests are to investigate the pathogenesis of Proteus mirabilis, a pathogen causing urinary tract infections, focusing on its virulence and drug resistance. We found antimicrobial peptide resistance and virulence factor expression form a complex regulatory network in P. mirabilis and bacterial two component signal transduction systems (RppA..) participate in these processes. We identified genes (ugd, galU, pmr) that are involved in the synthesis and modification of bacterial surface architecture can also play important roles in drug resistance and virulence. In addition, we found RpoE, Hfq, outer membrane proteins and small RNAs play important roles in pathogenesis of P. mirabilis. We also investigate if natural compounds (c172 and others) can be modulators of two component systems for combination therapy, which may provide cues for treating highly-resistant gram-negative bacteria.