KANG-YI SU (蘇剛毅)

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My research topic is focus on achievement translational medicine for providing the strategy in personalized medicine. The specific area including:
1. Establishment of the Molecular Diagnostics Platform  
With the coming of personalized medicine era, to establish gene testing platform with high sensitivity and specificity for clinical pre-treatment patient selection to receive efficient and proper drugging is necessary. We had set up multiplex gene testing platform by utilizing nucleotide MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. This not only can efficiently select clinical cancer patients with benefit for target therapy but also can predict the drug response duration and progression-free survival. We will apply this strategy to develop different multiplex gene testing kit for every medical area including: clinical chemistry, infectious disease as well as cardiovascular disease in the future.
2.Establishment of Human Disease Animal Model
In order to meet the post-genomic era and drug development, the establishment of disease animal model is an important tool for pre-clinical trial. In the past few year, our laboratory generated several genetic engineering mouse model, including: A. Inducible lung cancer mouse model by overexpressing epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) in mouse lung. This is potential in etiological mechanism identification and novel anti-cancer drug discovery. B. Tumor suppressor gene knockout mice-This mouse model exhibited fatty liver phenomena due to unbalance of ER stress in hepatocyte and had potential for liver steatosis model. C. MicroRNA knockout mice-Mice deficient in specific micro RNA exhibited abnormal heart rhyme and had potential for cardiovascular disease. In addition, we also generated human psychiatric disease like mouse model by chronic mild stress administration. This is mimicking the experience of stressors we meet in daily life. This model is useful for psychiatric disease etiology research.