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SHIH-I CHU (朱時宜)

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  • Physics (物理學系)
  • Distinguished Research Chair Professor (特聘研究講座)
  • +886-2-3366-5104

Research Outline      2016-04-19 10:14:16

Atomic, molecular, and strong-field physics, attosecond science and ultrafast technology, generalized Floquet theories,time-dependent density functional theory, chemical physics, quantum computing and quantum information, and optimal control theory.

a) General Research Focus: Development of new theoretical formalisms and accurate and efficient large-scale computational methods for in-depth ab initio investigations of physical, chemical, and astronomical processes of current interest in science and/or technology.

b) Recent Research Interests:

Atomic and molecular physics in intense laser fields: Development of non-perturbative theoretical frameworks and both time-independent and time-dependent computational methods for accurate treatment of very-high-order (100th-5000thorder) multi-photon and nonlinear optical processes (such as very-high-order harmonic generation) in intense and ultrashort laser fields.

Attosecond (1018 sec) ultrafast science and technology

Development of self-interaction-free time-dependent density functional theory (TDDFT) for accurate treatment of the excited-state and Rydberg-state electronic structure and time-dependent dynamics of many-electron quantum systems (atoms, molecules, clusters, quantum dots,nano-material,…).

Development of time-dependent generalized pseudospectral and other new computational methods for high-precision numerical solution of time-dependent Schrodinger,Dirac,and Kohn-Sham equations in space and time.

Quantum computing and quantum information.

Coherent and optimal control of microscopic quantum dynamics.

Quantum chaos and quantum fractals.

Many-body resonance states.

Atomic and molecular astrophysics.