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Inadequate "brain-power" or "brain-function reserve" is assumed to be the core element of psychopathology, and the inadequacy of "brain-mind" exercise is the core mechanism of mental disturbance. Schizophrenia is the disease model of my research to tackle psychopathology covering genetics, neurobiology and clinical pathology. We have found 6 chromosome regions linked with schizophrenia and 25 potential vulnerability genes of schizophrenia in Taiwanese samples. We also found DAO gene is the hub of multiple vulnerability genes leading to the hypothesis that the gene-clusters resulting in hypofunction of glutamate-related synapse is the underlying neurobiological pathology of schizophrenia. Based on these study results, we expect to invent new treatment to solve the refractory state under current treatment using dopamine blocking agents. Based on genetic, neurobiological studies, we are developing new technology to achieve the goals of early detection and early intervention of schizophrenia. Based on these findings of psychopathology, I am developing an evolutionary model of mental health, by integrating the elements of Taiwanese culture, to promote mental health of the general public. A research laboratory of mental LOHAS (living of happiness and sustainability) is established for this purpose. That is to say that the new era of mental health promotion is based on the neuroscientific knowledge of the brain and the mind (;