Jin-Tung Liang (梁金銅)

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teacher.ResearchOutline      2016-08-30 10:37:58

Dr. Jin-Tung Liang currently serves as President of Taiwan Robotic Surgery Association (TRSA) and Taiwan Society of Coloproctology. After obtaining the M.D degree from Medical College of National Taiwan University in 1987, he has been the attending surgeon in the division of Colorectal Surgery in National Taiwan University Hospital since 1994. Dr. Liang has ample experiences in his professional field of colorectal surgery and had published more than 100 research articles. The main theme of his academic achievements has been on the translational research of colorectal cancer. He is one of the pioneers of laparoscopic and robotic surgery for colorectal cancer in Taiwan. Currently, he is the chief of colorectal division and the full professor of Surgery, Medical College of National Taiwan University. Dr. Liang has been the associate editor of Korean Society of Coloproctology since 2010. Remarkably, in 2014, he took over the position of editor-in-chief of Asian Journal of Surgery (impact factor: 0.906), which is the only one SCI journal in the field of surgery in Taiwan. Due to his long endeavor in the surgical innovation, he received the 11th National Innovation Award in the Clinical Research Category by the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry in 2015.