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Research Outline      2014-08-02 00:08:19

Dr. Mei-Hwan Wu is an expert in the cardiac electrophysiology, from cellular to cardiac catheterization theater. She is a pioneer in pediatric transcatheter arrhythmia therapy. Besides, her research foci also cover widely the spectrum of congenital heart disease and acquired heart disease in children.

Her research interests include:

  • Clinical aspects of arrhythmias, including the mechanism (particularly the unique mechanism in complex CHD, such as AV node-to-AV node tachycardia), the ablation technique, and the outcome assessment.
  • Cellular electrophysiology, including the maturation the cardiac ionic channels, the age-related difference of pharmacological reaction such as cisapride, quinidine, lidocaine, etc.
  • Genetic alteration underlying the QT syndrome.
  • Clinical scenario from congenital heart disease and long QT gene polymorphism.
  • Population study for the congenital heart disease.
  • Cardiologic aspects of Kawasaki disease, particularly assessment and intervention for CV risk.
  • Cardiologic aspects of Marfan syndrome, the intervention and the pharmacological risk reduction trial.
  • System dynamic modeling for medical economic analysis.