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College of Science

Overview: Departments(12) Researchers(241) Publications(20950) Projects(7733)

The College of Science and Agriculture was established in 1928, the year when Taihoku Imperial University (predecessor of National Taiwan University) was founded. Today, the College of Science consists of seven departments and four graduate institutes, with key foci on Basic Sciences (Chemistry, Mathematics, and Physics), Earth Sciences (Atmospheric Sciences, Geography, Geoscience and Oceanography) and Social Sciences (Psychology and Geography). In addition, there are seven affiliated research centers within the College. In 2016, the International Degree Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development will be established.


1.To cultivate professional researchers in the fields of Basic Science, Earth Science, and Social Science.

2.To consolidate major subjects between the Basic Sciences, Earth Sciences and Social Sciences, improve the quality of teaching standards, and increase diversity of subjects to provide students with a solid background in research and inspire their interest in learning.

3.To augment teaching and research facilities and improve standards and global competitiveness so as to become a world-class academic organization.

4.To enhance international academic collaboration, encourage college faculty and students to participate in worldwide academic activities, and further strengthen the reputation of the college by publishing research in top-notched journals.

5.To encourage college faculty to engage in collaborative research and share resources across disciplines in order to inspire new ideas in advanced science and technology.


The strategies of development within the College of Science aim to foster a new mode of research that caters to the country


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Dean's Message

Science is the key to innovation and inventions, which in turn are the momentum for the advancement in human civilization. For more than 80 years, the College of Science has been a vital part of National Taiwan University, and is the home for renowned scholars pursuing research that strengthens the knowledge of the world from Taiwan.

NTU's College of Science explores knowledge in the mathematical, physical, chemical, atmospheric, geological, psychological, oceanic and astrophysical sciences. We represent seven departments, four institutes and seven research centers with outstanding faculty, excellent facilities, and a prominent history of academic achievements. In an environment that encourages diversity, harmony and the pursuit of excellence, faculties, students and the staff work together and contribute their expertise to achieve major academic innovations.

The College of Science at NTU is striving for the highest standards in research, teaching and service that would foster scientific talents across the campus and around the world. Programs offered here feature challenging curriculum, networking opportunities and the national reputation that one needs to position oneself for the career of his own choice. Such programs attract not only top students but also distinguished faculties within Taiwan to come together and continue to make the college a better place. As the Dean of College of Science, I am committed to see every member of our community take pride in everything we do. We have high expectations of our students and alumni, and we have every confidence that you will achieve academic excellence while also contributing to the diversity of the science community.