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College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Overview: Departments(7) Researchers(177) Publications(35166) Projects(10561)

The College aims toward the promotion of economic growth of this country through advanced applied research and development and the training of high-technology personnel. Academic fields of interest include: communication  and signal processing, automatic control, computer science, power / power electronics, nano-electronics, integrated circuits & systems, electromagnetic waves, photonics and optoelectronics, biomedical engineering, and electronic design automation for the EE division, and computer architecture, computer systems, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, computer networking, multimedia systems, natural language processing, parallel computing, intelligent robotics and automation, financial computing, scientific computing, and automated reasoning for the CS division. This broad spectrum in research makes the College the most complete EECS organization nationwide and offers deep as well as broad education and training for students.

The EECS alumni, in addition to having excellent achievements in academic research both internationally and domestically, have made outstanding contributions in leading the rapid and successful advanced technological industry growth in Taiwan, in promoting the economic development of this country, and even in advancing the nation's higher education. Members of the College have been working hard with the goal of keeping up with international progress in both industrial and academic fields. The College also has a well-organized long-term plan of facility improvement, in order to better train outstanding scholars and to define research directions. It is to be expected that with such continuous progress, the College of EECS will turn itself into one of the most competitive research organizations in the world. To sum up, the College aims to achieve four educational objectives:
1. To cultivate leaders and elite researchers in the field of electrical engineering and computer science.
2. To craft the necessary environment and outstanding performance for creative and pioneering research in the field of electrical engineering and computer science.
3. To develop high-impact electrical and information technology to meet the country's economic needs and industrial demands.
4. To become a world class research center in electrical engineering and computer science and to take the academic responsibility internationally.

Ming-Syan Chen 陳銘憲

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Dean's Message

In the past decade, the technologies developed from the areas in electrical engineering and computer science have brought unprecedented impact to our life and changed our daily activities at rapid pace. The pace of changing is further accelerated due to the advance in electronic technology, the paradigm shift to Cloud computing, and the increasing popularity of various new IOT applications.

The College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) of National Taiwan University, founded in 1997, now consists of the Division of Electrical Engineering (EE) and the Division of Computer Science (CS). Currently, the College of EECS includes the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, as well as the Graduate Institutes of Photonics and Optoelectronics, Communication Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Networking and Multimedia, and Biomedical Electronics and Bioinformatics, covering several most areas in EECS. As of 2015, the College boasts a total of about 180 faculty members, 1300 undergraduate students, and 2200 graduate students. Many of our faculty members are renowned researchers in international academia community and have been recognized with several prestigious awards. For instance, as of today, we have about 30 IEEE fellows, accounting for one-sixth of the existing faculty members. Our students are the best in engineering areas from all over Taiwan. We also have many good international students from all over the world.

The electronic and information industry, which is considered the most important industry in Taiwan, plays a critical role in the world. By collaborating with industrial companies, our college has been making major contributions to the country and the world. EECS could also stand for Edifying Elite with Cheerful Spirit, which is a certainly joyful picture every faculty member loves to have. Our college is endowed with the vision to educate new generations of engineers and leaders, to continue to make major advances in the new science of EECS, to develop more cutting-edge technologies to improve human life, and to assist and promote successful industry, both domestic and worldwide.